30 April 2010

the cultural English Breakfast

I sometimes like to treat myself on a weekend with a Sunday Times, but only when I know I will be able to read all of it. I like to have civilised late morning reads with lots of tea, sunlight and perhaps classical music in the background. Yes, I am quickly aging from 26 to 60.

The other week on my splurge for a Sunday Times, I came across a fantastic article about the changing aspect of the English Breakfast and what that says about the cultural landscape of Britain. I love that food is the medium not only for the change in culture but, in this case, English culture itself is represented through the traditional breakfast. Seems to tie in nicely with my own experiences.


It is the May Day bank holiday weekend here in the UK, so with a bit more time to spare, I hope to have a couple of posts up by next week. Perhaps an English Breakfast?

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