23 August 2010

Toad in a hole

For some reason, the British weather this year has been running like clockwork. When the calendar said winter, we got snow. Now that it is turning towards fall, the days are gradually getting cooler (well, like they are supposed to but have been skipping around for the past few years). There is a certain feeling and smell in the air of fresh nights, cool breezes, a turn in the weather. Over the years, I love fall more and more and the thought of getting out all my sweaters and coats and gloves and scarves, eating warm, comfort food every night and all the delicious bounty of fall foods makes me urge the seasons on, to get to fall more quickly.

This summer has been great with lots of nice sunny days and some warm ones at the beginning too. But I'm not a summer person and I long for cooler days and the first morning you can see your breath, the crunch of leaves under your shoes and as much tea as you can drink. Naturally, when the weather hinted at a slight drop in temperature, I tried out a favorite British comfort food- toad in a hole.

I have no idea where the name comes from or if it is toad in a hole or the hole- there's no consensus on the matter. It is basically sausages in a Yorkshire pudding batter, served with veggies and gravy. I even turned to Delia for the recipe for the batter, which makes this a thoroughly British dish.

The batter is a simple combination of egg, milk and flour.

You will need to cook some sausages, either under the broiler/grill or in a pan, and if you would like to have individual portions, cut the sausages in half to fit in a muffin pan.

That's right, I said muffin pan. Place half a sausage in each muffin cup with a little oil and pour the batter over it until about halfway full.

When they cook, the batter will puff up and become golden and crunchy on the outside.

Pop two or three onto a plate with some vegetables.

Oh, and pour on the gravy!

I'm so excited fall is coming back around.


  1. I'm all for autumnal romanticism, but this year has taken the biscuit. It's felt like November before August was halfway through! It poured on my birthday (the 25th), which is unheard of. So please don't wish for the autumn just yet - we have one more bank holiday weekend left! Once we're into September I'll admit defeat.

    P.S. These do look yummy though - added to my recipe book for A/W '10.

  2. Hey - what type of sausages would work here? Hot (spicy) or mild? I would like to try these here - Not Tim but Mom :)