24 September 2010

Greek barbecue

As summer fades into fall and I look forward to harvest food, I would like to leave the season with a Greek barbecue.

We attended the last barbecue of the year when the weather was already turning a bit stormy and breezy in the UK, but we persevered through to hang on to the tendrils for a Greek and Cypriot summer barbecue.

There was meat roasted on a coal fire.

Fresh salads and lemon with bursts of flavour to top it all off.

Handmade desserts, with lashings of honey everywhere.

Greek dancing with exuberance!

I enjoy having foods that are still seasonal in our world of having everything we want whenever we want it. It makes the seasonal food more enjoyable as it harbors excitement and anticipation, pleasure in the taste, fond memories, and finally desire. As I say goodbye to summer for another year, I shall savor the memories of the barbecue and wait, somewhat anxiously, for next year's first barbecue.
* * * * *

There's nothing quite like a summer barbecue, eating the grilled meat with crisp salads outside. But I do start to crave the warm comfort food and flavours of harvest time, and I look forward to cooking and baking in the fall most of all. Some of my most favorite recipes are coming up soon!

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