28 October 2010

American food

When I first took my fiance to the US, I indulged in all the foods I was missing and that were classically- or perhaps classically associated as- 'American.' We went to almost every fast food restaurant, bought Krispy Kremes by the dozen (they did originate near to my mom's house) and generally ate food that we do not otherwise eat, not only because it is not available in London.

After the initial shock about the food in which I had to explain that I did not in fact grow up on a diet of Taco Bell and I was subjecting him to it only because we were on holiday, my fiance actually likes some of the fast food now and we both crave certain meals. For example, in the South there is a chicken place that makes the most amazing chicken sandwiches:

Chick-fil-A. I even craved these sandwiches when I was in Pennsylvania and too far north to have one in my local area.

Speaking of the north and Philly, we also went to a local restaurant and I was able to introduce my fiance to the cheesesteak.

A cheesesteak is basically very thinly sliced roast beef that is sauteed with onions and peppers on a griddle and served with melted provolone cheese in a submarine bun. This one was not quite like the original made in Philly, but it was good. And I love that I can still show him new things each time we go to the States.

I would have taken more pictures of food, but we always 1) ate it too quickly, 2) forgot the camera as we were only going around town, or 3) were in a car a lot and that made my brain mushy. I blame the forgetfulness on the beautiful fall scenery as we drove through the mountains, twice.


And we did eat lots of home-cooked meals that were very good, more of which I will write about after we go back for Thanksgiving this year.

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  1. Yummy, I'm salivating. I went to The Diner off Carnaby Street this week and was genuinely delighted with my root beer, fries in a basket and burrito. I think I was over-indulging in nostalgia and probably killing myself slowly, but never mind, it was awesome.

    Some things, America got right. Gorgeous scenery by the way!