4 July 2011

Fourth of July

I had something completely different planned for this post, but then I saw a cake that had to be made. This weekend. On Saturday, in time for the fireworks I finally found Saturday morning in a city that usually only starts selling fireworks in October.

Let me just say that I don't often make cakes; I'm more of a cookie or pie gal. Plus, we don't yet have a mixer, something I conveniently forgot when deciding to make this show-stopping, amazing tiered cake.

It make not look like much, but then, when you cut into it....

It's the American flag!

My cake didn't turn out half as nice looking as on Glorious Treats, the inspiration for the cake, but after four solid hours of baking to make four cakes by hand and home made icing, I was incredibly proud of my cake!

Happy fourth of July to all my American friends and family! I'm taking the day off in celebration as well :)

PS- The difference in icing colours is because I ran out of the icing I made and had to resort to the stash of icing in a tub.


  1. Great cake! Hope you had a great 4th!

  2. Cake looks amazing and tasted delicious too! MM

  3. We could be a culinary dream team because I LOVE making cakes! Plus, I have a hand mixer.

  4. this cake just blew my mind. WOW!