19 February 2010

Macaroni and cheese and other Friday matters

I had one of those days where you come home and, even though there are lots of vegetables and good things in the cupboards begging to be made, don't want to cook. After looking in the refrigerator 5 times, I came up with possibly one of the most calorific and non-fasting dishes imaginable: macaroni and cheese. Technically it's rigatoni, but who's counting?

And I took pictures!

Boil pasta:

Add double cream (really milk and flour could work here but I had double cream and you only live once so why not) :

(PS- Very difficult to take pictures and pour and no spill at the same time.)

Add cheddar or other good cheese that you like that will melt well:

I also added some pepper and a smidgen of butter, practically just so I could use the word smidgen. Stir it all together on a low heat so you don't scald the milk products and voila! Home made, practically instant rig(atoni) and cheese:

In other Friday news, a work colleague of mine is also American and is moving back home in a week's time. She is cleaning out her kitchen and came to work with two large bags of foodstuffs (and a toaster) for me! Most of it is baking goods, which are very much appreciated around here, and most exciting of all, some American food stuffs- onion soup mix, pumpkin pie spice and.....

I bet you never thought barbeque sauce was worthy of a photo, did you? I certainly have come to appreciate some of the strangest food items, but really it's about whatever memories are attached to it that are what I crave, even if I don't know that I crave them. When I think of barbeque sauce I think of cooking in the backyard, being by the pool, good family meals in summer, my brother wanting to eat foods just for the barbeque sauce, and Sweet Baby Ray's. This isn't quite Sweet Baby Ray's brand, but awfully good. Thanks, Anne!


Because it is hinting at feeling like Spring in the air, because it is February, because it is the first week I have seen them this year, and because it is Friday, I bought tulips today.

I hope it is hinting at feeling like Spring for you too. Enjoy the flowers.


  1. *I* enjoyed the flowers. but think you over-qualified why you bought them. One reason would've been enough ;-)

    love you, my dear.

  2. I just bought some tulips this week too. They are really brightening up our kitchen and now I'm thinking about bringing some into my office to sit on the desk. There's something about cut flowers that is so decidedly extravagant. Maybe that's why I love them!