12 February 2010

New experience

This is a new experience for me. I have never been one to keep diaries (all of my old ones will have only the first three entries, all either incredibly happy or horribly miserable) or even thought of myself as one that writes, so I am doing this hesitantly at first. Please bear with me. A colleague suggested that I start a blog about all of the different food related things I like and I eventually expanded it to be a blog about my life as it is unfolding. I suppose you will need to know a few things about me before we begin:

1) I moved to London 3 1/2 years ago to get a Master's, which I have. I stayed to live and work and was madly in love with someone I met when I was in London previously. It's rather complicated to explain, but perhaps one day I will.
2) I am now marrying said person that I am madly in love with. (This sentence should read "with whom I am madly in love" but I fear I sound really stuffy when I write things like this because who talks like that nowadays?) The complicated part is that he is Greek Cypriot heritage, born and raised in London, and I am American, now living in London, and we are trying to combine all of this into one household and plan and life.
3) I love to cook and bake, though I do not consider myself adventurous or too creative in the kitchen. I do try lots of recipes and people do really like what I make-usually. I am finding that there are some core differences in food between Greek, American and British cooking and baking styles, of which I hope to share more. (See what I did there?)
4) I also love all things food- growing it, going to farmer's markets, reading cookbooks and recipes, eating it, going to restaurants, talking about it.
5) I never know when lists should end without defined parameters.

I hope that this space will be a place where I can share my thoughts about living in a different culture, mixing cultures and doing much of it through the food that I cook and bake.

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  1. hello sweet pea. Looking forward to following along on the blog!